Writer, Performer, Self-Deprecator


Hi, I’m Jacob. People tell me I am a comedian/writer currently living in Los Angeles.

This is where you can learn about my shenanigans.


Hey internet peoples! I’d been neglecting this site for the last couple months, so in return I give you this nugget:  after sitting in with them for awhile I am now officially a member of the sketch group Brute Squad. They’re a good deal, and have done the San Francisco Sketchfest and produced content for Funny and Die and whatnot. Here’s their Funny or Die page.

Also, the video I made for Funny or Die Please Do Not Bother the Bears now has over 50k views. How’s that for an update, suckers!


Hey everybody! I made a sketch with Brute Squad and Funny or Die was nice enough to feature it on the front page and on their Facebook page and whatnot. Where can you watch it? Oh, I don’t know, maybe RIGHT HERE



I wrote and performed in this video for the (now defunct) sketch group Secret Family. Enjoy!